How to Update Your Kitchen without the Hassle of a Full Renovation

How to Update Your Kitchen without the Hassle of a Full Renovation

When it comes to home renovation jobs, homeowners can be leery of having them completed. They may want to update their kitchen or bathroom with a fresh, new look but the high cost of a renovation and the length of time it takes to complete the job may prevent them from installing a new bathroom or kitchen in their home. Fortunately, kitchen cabinet refinishing in Atlanta offers a solution that will allow a homeowner to obtain their new kitchen without the high cost of a full renovation. A quick process that will not keep the homeowner locked out of their kitchen for weeks while they wait for the work to be finished.

Benefits of Refinishing

  • Kitchen cabinet refinishing in Atlanta does not take the time that renovations require to transform the room. The refinishing work can be completed in a few days whereas renovations might take weeks.
  • The same framework and hardware are reused, and they stain or paint them to give a fresh look.
  • The occupants of the home can still use the kitchen while the work is being completed instead of being without a place to prepare and eat their food.
  • The process costs less than completely remodeling the room and still enables the homeowner to give their kitchen a more modern look.
  • Crown molding can be installed in the kitchen to enhance the room’s appearance and give an elegant touch.

Renew Your Kitchen with Help of an Expert

While fully renovating your kitchen may not be an option, Cabinet Transformations can help find a solution to updating the space. Their design consultant can take the existing layout of your kitchen and create a new look for your home. By using the current cabinets’ framework, they can help you save money by transforming your kitchen to fit your specific style.

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