5 Signs You Need to Call a Roof Repair Service

by | Aug 1, 2018 | General

A leaking roof shouldn’t be dismissed. However, it’s easy to forget you’ve got problems during the sunny months. Then the rainy season starts again, and you’ll be reminded of those leaks.

Put a stop to that cycle. Here are signs you’ll need to look for roof repair in Anaheim CA before the damage to your roof gets much, much worse.

Streaks of light

Don’t climb up on your roof to look for signs. Instead, check your attic. Climb up during the day. Do any beams of light come through the top of your home? Then you’ve got a leaky roof.

Water stains

Water stains are another indication that you’ve got a leaky roof. As soon as you see stains or water streaks, then look for a company that offers roof repair in Anaheim CA. Getting help from pros early on can reduce the extent of the damage and nip any other problems in the bud.

Paper trail

Review your home improvement records, Bob Vila says. How long was your last roof repair? If it’s been years since you paid for repair services and assistance, then paying for one now may already be long overdue.


How old is your roof? If it’s more than twenty or twenty five years old, then you can expect to spend more money on repairs. The older your roof is, the more it will deteriorate. Set aside money in your budget now for future roof repairs or even replacement costs.


If you find granules in your gutter, that’s an indication that your shingles have started deteriorating. Hire a roofer to inspect your roof to identify the extent of the damage and what could be done to fix it. With pros to check your roof and offer you ideal roofing solutions, those leaks will be plugged in no time.

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