A Wide Selection of Shower Doors in Tomball TX

A Wide Selection of Shower Doors in Tomball TX

A wide selection of Shower Doors in Tomball TX offers options for any size shower and any type of decor. Homeowners can alter the whole look and feel of the bathroom by switching out the shower door. Putting an etched door on a clear glass shower, for example, will change the focal point of the room. There will be no need to renovate the entire bathroom to get a fresh look. Replacing a framed door with a frame-less one can make the shower look bigger, and the bathroom look brighter with only one expense. That will save homeowners time and money.

Hinges, hardware, and handles for doors can also be changed to alter the decor. Placing black handles on the door to match black cabinet handles will look wonderful against those newly painted green walls. Small changes can make a bold statement and a big difference when it comes to bathroom decor. Doors can be colored, etched, patterned, painted, or beveled to create a unique look. If customers cannot find a door they like at Mrglassmirror.com, one can be custom designed for them. Glass can be standard, laminated, tempered, or frosted, depending on need and preference.

Shower Doors in Tomball TX can also provide wider access to the shower itself. If a large bathroom shower needs a bench placed in it to accommodate an aging parent, double swinging doors can be added for easier access. The tempered glass may be the best choice for glass type in this situation because it is stronger than standard glass. Shower enclosures can also be custom designed to suit the needs of family members or fit the size of the bathroom. Adding a small shower in a basement bathroom, for example, can increase the value of the house. Expanding a shower enclosure to include a bench, multiple shower heads, or an adjoining hot tub, will also increase the value of the house. Adding function and style to a home does not have to cost a small fortune, or take a lot of time. Custom shower enclosures or replacement shower doors can make a world of difference. Look at the current showers in the home, take some measurements, and see what is available. The options and the pricing may be a pleasant surprise.

If your bathroom project is in the Houston, Texas area, contact Mr. Glass & Mirror at www.mrglassmirror.com to find out how a custom frameless shower door can make it look complete.

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