Do 24/7 Emergency Air Conditioning Companies Exist?

by | Apr 5, 2018 | Air Conditioning

Air conditioning companies, in general, don’t really seem like firms that would be needed on an emergency, round the clock basis, but just consider some facts. Your AC units don’t obey the rules of “working hours”…they don’t even know what that means. Instead, they can experience any kind of problem, including complete failure at any time. And by anytime, we mean in the middle of a hot and humid night, at midday on one of the hottest days of the year, or when you have a house full of guests, and it is just the usual hot and sticky afternoon in the Jacksonville, FL area.

That is why you always want to find out if there are any 24/7 emergency air conditioning companies in Jacksonville, FL. Naturally, you will probably see that many air conditioning companies in the region say that they have emergency services, but this may not be part of their regular service options. In fact, you might find yourself paying simply astronomical rates because that firm doesn’t actually have the setup or preparedness for such a call.

Even more important, though, is finding the air conditioning companies in the area that are authentically prepared to make those emergency repairs. It is one thing to send a technician or experienced HVAC pro to the site, but it is another to ensure they have the tools and parts needed to complete the service at that time. You don’t want a hefty fee for an emergency diagnostic visit and then another for the repair. After all, as you wait for the part (and the second service fee), your home is still not being cooled properly.

While there are many reasons that a wall or window mounted AC might cease to work properly, and further reasons behind trouble with a central AC unit, few of the major repairs can or should be done by a non-professional. If there is damage that is the result of something like an electrical issue, falling tree, flooding or something more, it is time to contact a knowledgeable pro able to offer emergency repair.

24/7 emergency repair services for HVAC gear exist, and you can find them at website. Their staff is highly skilled with all forms of AC repair, and they can also set you up for a regular maintenance and service schedule to reduce the risks of equipment failure, too.

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