Eliminate Your Roof Leaks Using Roofers in Peoria IL

Whenever your home develops a leaking roof you have two options. You can attempt to make repairs yourself, but this can be a dangerous job, or you can hire Roofers in Peoria IL to fix the problem. The first step in fixing a leaking roof is an inspection. This allows the roofer to find the problem and helps them decide what steps and materials are necessary to make the repair. Roof repairs can be a simple as a few shingles or sealant around the vents or they can be a complicated as replacing the whole roof.

Once a roof has failed the Roofers in Peoria IL will need to strip away the old covering, usually asphalt shingles and tarred paper. After the covering has been removed, the roofer can determine how bad the decking may be. In some cases it is difficult to see damage to the decking from inside the attic. Of course, this also depends on the decking material in question. Plywood is the most durable decking option, but many modern homes are using another decking made from particle or wafer board. Extra care is important with the latter because the decking can swell when exposed to water. This can result in soft spots in the roof.

You have several alternatives in roof coverings. The most common roof covering installed by Roofers in Peoria IL is asphalt shingles. Asphalt has been in use for decades and provides excellent coverage that lasts about twenty to twenty five years. The next most common covering is zinc galvanized steel. This lightweight steel roofing is produced in a variety of styles to suit just about any type of home architecture. You can get a simulated asphalt look or the appearance of wood shake, just to mention a couple. Steel roofing comes in a variety of colors and lasts at least fifty years.

Protecting your home and possessions from water damage is an important job. In order to have some peace of mind you may wish to have a roofer perform a roof inspection. Their experience often makes it easier for them to spot problems that a homeowner might miss. Your roof inspection should cover the exterior ducts, flashing, eaves and shingles as well as checking the attic for signs of leaks.

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