How Storm Water Runoff Affects Your Basement

Storm runoff is the water that collects on the ground during rain and snowstorms. Even when there doesn’t appear to be surface flooding, the water still runs through the ground. When your home has a basement, that water can sometimes run and collect along the foundation of your home causing cracks and mold. If you’ve purchased a home that has a downward slope coming towards it, you definitely need to research basement waterproofing systems to avoid the damage that storm runoff can cause to your foundation.

Soil Type Affects Drainage

Unless your building your home on a brand new lot, you probably don’t give much thought to the type of soil that surrounds the foundation of your home. However, the permeability and drainage of the soil around your foundation is important to determining the type of preventative maintenance care your basement needs. You will know if soil around your home has poor drainage if your yard floods heavily during rainstorms or has sections of muddy puddles.

Low permeability is the ability of water to flow through the soil. Clay soils have low permeability and water tends to collect in certain areas because it can’t filter through the soil quickly enough. If you notice that your yard floods regularly or that your basement is starting to show signs of cracks or leaks, you need to call a contractor to find out about basement waterproofing systems before storm runoff starts to cause structural damage.

Frozen Water Causes Cracks

Whether it rains or snows in the winter, the runoff produced by such storms may eventually freeze around the foundation of your home. If water has collected around the foundation, it will exert additional pressure onto the exterior of your basement and cause cracks. If water gets into the cracks and freezes, it will eventually leak out through your walls when the temperature warms.

Since every season has its share of storms, there is no one season where your home is not at risk of being damaged by storm runoff water. Whether you build a home on your own or purchase an existing home, it’s important that one of your first investments be in basement waterproofing systems. It not only keeps your foundation secure but also protects your family from mold and mildew growth. Visit Hydro Armor Inc. for more information.

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