Important Questions to Ask a Pool Builder Palm Springs

Palm Springs is city of 44,552 (2010 census results) within Coachella Valley in California’s Riverside County. Coachella Valley is basically a desert. Palm Springs has a hot, dry climate and has 354 days of sunshine. The winters are warm with highs of between 73 °F and 86 °F and corresponding daytime lows of 50 °F to 60 °F while the lows range from from 62 °F to 71 °F and night-time lows of mid 40s °F.

Average summer highs range from 106 °F to 112 °F while overnight temperatures range from 77 °F and 90 °F. With the high daytime and night-time temperatures and the affluence of the residents, it is not surprising that Palm Springs has many swimming pools.

There are several questions that you should ask the pool builder you are considering if you are to get value for money. These questions are:

1. What are the qualifications of your employees?

Swimming pool building involves carpentry, masonry, electrical work and excavation work. A swimming pool contractor, therefore, needs to have a team with all the different skills necessary. Go for a pool builder Palm Springs who has a team that has undergone the Pool-Spa Operator Training Program by he National Swimming Pool Foundation or NSPF. This is the most authoritative body in the industry.

2. How many years have you been in business?

Good swimming pool building is less about training and more about experience. A pool builder who has been in the business for many years will have learnt from his mistakes and successes and the mistakes and successes of others in the industry.

3. What is your area of speciality?

There are different types of pools, among them zero-entry pools, natural pools and ponds, infinity pools, private pools, hot but and spa pools, exercise pools and competition pools. Go for a pool builder who specializes in the exact swimming pool you want.

4. Do you do pool maintenance?

Getting pool maintenance service from the pool contractor who built the pool is the best option since the company will know the pool inside out and you are more likely to get a discount. The pool builder Palm Springs should do pool cleaning, repairs, inspection and such maintenance tasks as maintaining the right water level and leak detection and repair.

5. Do you supply the building materials, machines and outdoor leisure products necessary?

A well-established pool builder Palm Springs will supply everything that is needed for the swimming pool construction and maintenance.

6. What does the quote include?

This is an important question since unscrupulous and fraudulent companies have hidden costs in the fine print of their contracts.

7. What should I expect with milestones and time?

The pool builder should be able to give a time line that you can follow and that has suctions attached to it. You should also make inquiries about the add ins, about the ‘greenness’ of the pool and about how everything will work.

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