Mice Control in Sacramento

Mice Control in Sacramento

Mice Control Sacramento will take care of your nasty mice problems. Do mice invade your home? Or have they lived there for quite some time now? Well be careful, they build their homes in yours if you let them. Mice will chew through electrical wires and walls. See if this sparks something in ya. If it does, then take heed to some good advice to get rid of mice from Mice Control Sacramento.

Here is a list of items you will need to put an end to those pesty little mice. Fine steel wool, caulk, live mouse traps, bait (cheese and peanut butter or something else that is sticky), 5-gallon bucket, toilet paper core and a coin.

First things first:

Make sure to seal up any holes you see outside your home. Check window areas, all around the foundation along the bottom of your house. Look in the steps of any patio or entry area. Check every nook & cranny for holes. Mice can get into an area as small as ¼”. Stuff the openings with fine steel wool. Use patching compound or caulk to fill in the cracks and seal the crack completely in the foundation of your home.

Keep all counters floors and cabinets free from any crumbs. It may seem insignificant to you, but for a mouse, it is a meal. Cleaning counters and floors is much easier than cabinets. Mice enter cabinets frequently. But of course the original open spot is on the brick or siding. Food items should be stored in air-tight glass or metal containers.

Places you think the mice may be getting in, even if it’s not in the structure of the house, place a live trap. This could be in a closet or a corner in a certain room. It could be anywhere. There are a variety of mice traps. We recommend the ones that are plastic and rectangular in shape. They have a removable door at one end and a see-saw platform that makes the door slam at the other when the mouse comes to get the bait. You will place the bait inside the box. You can also use spring-loaded traps. Check these type traps daily to see if a mouse has been caught. When you catch the mouse, take it about 2 miles away from the house, never to return.

Before I present this last method, just remember Mice Control Sacramento is here if you need us. You can also make a live trap with the 5 gallon bucket and the cardboard from an empty toilet paper (TP) roll. Place the bait on one end of the TP roll and balance it on a top (counter, table, etc…) where you have seen a mouse or mice. The baited end must extend over the edge of whatever top (counter, table, etc…). Use a coin to balance out the TP baited roll and place the 5-gallon bucket underneath. When the mouse enters the TP roll, it will fall (because of its’ weight) into the 5 gallon bucket and trapped there until you release it. Again, at lest 2 miles away from your house. Remember, mice will live out their lives in your house. They will eat and quickly multiply. They also carry diseases. so tackle mice problem soon.

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