Reduce Your Water Bill And Keep Your Lawn Dry With A New Water Line Replacement

There are many household plumbing disasters that can hit your home such as leaking pipes or sewage clogs, but at least one of the problems your plumbing can have is outside the home. This is the main line that supplies water to the house. In many cases this pipe is as old as the home itself having been installed when the house was originally built. This could mean that the pipe has deteriorated or become damaged and is due to break or burst. When this happens you could end up with some very serious flooding problems.

However, a broken water line could also result in a small leak that isn’t readily visible and this leak could be costing you a lot of money. If the break is facing downward then the water could be soaking into the ground. In cases like these the only real indication of a problem is an abnormally high water bill and the only real solution is a Water Line Replacement in Baltimore MD. Simply speaking, this is where the plumber extracts the old line and lays new pipe to supply fresh water to the home.

Of course, not all water line replacements rip out the old pipe. Digging up a lot of yard can get expensive in both labour costs and lawn repair. In other cases the pipe may run under walkways, driveways or other obstacles making access a little difficult. Another problem with removing old pipe is how brittle some of it can be. Iron pipe will rust underground and copper can split when facing harsh elements so many water lines use PVC plastic to keep the supply flowing. Unfortunately, PVC can get stiff over the years and crack when you least expect it.

Running a new line still requires a small trench to place the line under the soil. It is important that the pipe gets buried so it doesn’t get damaged and cause more problems. However, if the water main access is behind the home it will require a lot of digging to make the connection. In cases like these the plumbing service will use a trenching tool. You can learn more about Water Line Replacement by contacting an expert like Saffer Plumbing & Heating.

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