Specialized Rug Repairs in Spring, TX

Specialized Rug Repairs in Spring, TX

Our services for rug repairs in Spring TX provide treatments and processes for fixing all types of damages – both major and minor – on your oriental rug. The team we have at The Great American Rug Cleaning Co. will ensure your rug is repaired with tried and true techniques and modern technology to ensure solid and completely undetectable results.

Our team of rug care experts ensures your rug repairs are completed without any unnecessary or excess damage to the original beauty and quality of the rug. We will work precisely and carefully to repair all of the damages on your fine rug.


Comprehensive Rug Repair Services

When you call on our services at The Great American Rug Cleaning Co, you will find a team that understands the importance of every knot, thread and color and how they are used to identify the actual origin of the rug, as well as when it was made and who made it. When these qualities are damaged, in any way, they need to be cared for and repaired by our professional team of experts.


Specific Services We Offer

At The Great American Rug Cleaning Co., we offer a large number of options for rug repairs in Spring, TX. Some of the specific types of damage we can successfully repair includes: damage from moths; re-warp of the binding on the sides; the addition or removal of fringes; patching of holes; restoration after pet damage; color bleeding; restoration from water damage; corner restoration; repair of tears, rips or slits; providing cut to fit padding; rug re-weaving services; and stain and spot removal services.


The Latest Equipment and Materials for Superior Results

When you call us for rug repairs in Spring, TX you will find that there are few situations our team has not seen and successfully fixed. No matter what has happened to your oriental rug, from color repairs to tears and holes, we can help your rug look like new once again. Additionally, our team at The Great American Rug Cleaning Co. has been around so long, you have peace of mind we will be here tomorrow.

If you need any type of rug repairs in Spring, TX, contacting our team of professionals is essential. Each person we hire is trained to provide undetectable repairs for your rugs. You do not have to worry about receiving your priceless rug back with additional damage, or in a condition where it is clear where the repairs were made. We offer clear, transparent pricing for all sizes of rugs no matter the damage that is present. This ensures that your rug will be ready to use once again after we repair it.

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