The best flooring for hospitals

by | Jul 8, 2013 | Home Improvement

The designers of hospitals and other medical facilities must be very conscious of the various demands on this use of commercial floors in Liverpool. The flooring that is chosen must be cost effective, be hygienic as one of its natural properties, easy to clean, durable and safe. Although hygiene is the primary consideration, aesthetics do count and must be taken into account. There may be a need for different flooring materials depending on the area of the hospital, the intensive care ward may need different floors than those found in a ward. All in all, the designers must be looking for commercial floors in Liverpool that can withstand high traffic, which are comforatable to walk on, slip resistant and resistant against stains.

For many years, vinyl floors have been the commercial flooring of choice for use in a hospital environment; they are slip resistant and give a long life under arduous conditions. Vinyl can be installed with a welded seam which is ideal as there is nowhere for dirt and other substances to collect. Vinyl is resistant to staining, is available in a range of different colours and it has the tendency to maintain its looks for an extended period of time. With all of its benefits, vinyl flooring is losing its appeal due to the environmental price that must be paid as toxic substances are given off during the manufacturing process.

As alternatives to vinyl, designers are turning to rubber, linoleum and carpet. Rubber is very durable and easy to maintain but it is high cost, linoleum is often used as it is inexpensive but it does require a lot of maintenance with frequent waxing to maintain its appearance, it also does not last as long as vinyl. Some hospitals are installing carpeting in patient’s rooms and common areas because it is quiet and comfortable to walk on and provides excellent grip.

When choosing floor installation in Liverpool that are bound for hospital use, it must be stressed that the choice should be made based on the way the floor will service and look after a couple of decades. It is important that the floor not easily stain and should not be affected by body fluids such as blood and urine. The material should not cast a glare and should be reasonably quiet when something is dropped.

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