Things to Consider When Choosing Pest Control in Hillsboro

by | Oct 25, 2013 | Pest Control

Residential pest infestations can be unsanitary, destructive, and a major nuisance. Although you can treat these infestations on your own with over-the-counter products, the chances of eliminating the problem are considerably slim. Hiring a professional exterminator to treat your house is the best solution, but choosing the right company in your region is crucial. To ensure that the company you hire meets all of your extermination criteria, be sure to thoroughly research all of the businesses specializing in Pest control in Hillsboro, OR.

Many pest control businesses still operate through the use of age-old practices. Although these methods still work, the chemicals involved can often leave behind toxins which may sicken your family members or pets. By researching various pest control companies online you can find those who use newer, environmentally conscious techniques to ensure proper pest removal and client safety. A prime example is Halt Pest Control. These exterminators run a QualityPro certified company that provides “green” Pest control in Hillsboro, OR and the surrounding areas. Their goal is to create the smallest possible footprint on the environment by using low impact methods.

To do this effectively, the pest control technicians will first survey all the affected areas to determine the appropriate method to implement. The size of the problem and species of pest factor into this decision prominently. The technicians will then thoroughly inspect the area to find the source of the infestation. Once the origin is located, they will eliminate it completely to discourage any remaining pests from returning and rebuilding. At this point, depending upon the pest, baited traps are deployed to catch rodents for relocation or eco-friendly pesticides are applied to stop the spread any insect colony. These environmentally safe methods spare the lives of any problematic rodents and prevent any toxic insecticide residue from contaminating your home.

In order to ensure that the pest infestation has been eradicated, Halt Pest Control always employs two or more methods of control. When they are finished, the technician will sit with you to discuss what procedures they implemented, why they did it, and how you can help keep the problem from appearing again. Their services are guaranteed so if any future issues arise they will re-visit your home free of charge.

Quality pest control is nothing to take lightly. A comprehensive review of the companies in your region can provide some of the safest and most effective pest control techniques available.


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