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by | May 9, 2013 | General

When looking for a Tree Farm Dallas, company you should choose a farm that is experienced to ensure that you get the tree that is right for you and that it lasts. While it may seem that picking a tree is as simple as finding one that looks good and sticking it to the ground, there is much more to be considered for a first rate landscape.

First and most important, do you know how big the tree will grow? If you are looking for a shade tree, you don’t want to select one that is near its maximum size. If you are looking to fill a corner in your garden, you don’t want one that will overwhelm the surrounding area and possibly expand to cause damage to buildings or pavement.

The climate also has a large impact on what you are able to plant for long term beauty and a top Tree Farm Dallas will be very familiar with what works in the area and what doesn’t. Different trees have different needs for sunlight and water. Some are better equipped to handle extreme weather than others. And while some may potentially thrive in your area, it will only be with significantly more work than if you had selected another type.

Oak Trees Dallas have typically done well. They are native to Texas and to areas from Oklahoma to the Gulf Coast. They are large shade trees with leaves that block out the sun and can grow up to two feet per year. These trees are able to stand up to drought conditions well. They lose many leaves in the spring, but these are quickly replaced, giving them a year round green appearance.

Palm Trees Dallas are desired for their appearance that most people connect with warm weather and fun. However, the cold winters leaves many concerned with whether the trees will last and these concerns are valid. Many types of palm trees will not survive sustained below freezing temperatures without special care, such as covering the trees or, if not planted in the ground, bringing them inside. There are a few varieties that have adapted to the cold weather and an experienced tree farm will be able to help you select one and give you instructions on properly caring for it so that it will grow for years to come.

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