4 Things Before Hiring a Painting Company

by | Aug 25, 2021 | Painting Services

Save yourself time, money, and effort. Hire a professional for the paint job you need. If you’ve got commercial property that you want to upgrade or remodel, get an expert crew for help. With their skills, your interiors will look fresh and ready in no time.

Ask About Painting Products

Before you hire a firm that provides commercial interior painting in Indianapolis, IN,ask about the kind of painting products they tend to use for their products. If they offer you a list of cheap materials and products, they’re not the right fit for your project. Pick a firm that doesn’t sacrifice quality just to save on costs.

Find Out If They Have Insurance

Make sure you’re protected from any liability. Never hire a painting company unless you’re certain that their employees have worker’s compensation. Also, ask if the business has a comprehensive business liability policy. If any of the firm’s contractors damage your property, that policy gets you the coverage you need.

Determine Their Painting Method

Will the contractor hand brush or spray? Spraying takes a longer prep time. There’s also a higher risk of uneven coverage and poor adhesion. But it’s fast. It usually requires only one coat of coverage. Also, the walls are free of brush marks and it’s easy to spray hard-to-reach spots. Hand brushing, though, offers better adhesion and uniform coverage. It’s also ideal for getting into tiny cracks. Talk to your contractor about which option suits your property best.

Consider Experience

How long has the company been in the industry? How much experience does the crew—that is assigned to your property—have? Do they have the proper credentials? If the firm has sub-contractors, are those skilled and professional? It’s not a problem if they have sub-contractors as long as they can vouch for the quality of their work In and Out Siders Painting, LLC.

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