Hiring Pasadena Exterminators to Tackle Termite Infestations

by | Jul 31, 2017 | Pest Control

There is actually legislation that protects new purchasers of real estate from unseen damages caused by termites. This law defines certain geographical areas particularly concerned with the invasion of termites. With that being said, hiring Pasadena Exterminators to tackle this issue is a must.

In these noted areas, it is not possible to buy or sell real estate without obtaining a termite diagnosis which informs the presence, or lack thereof, of these insects. In addition, the property owner is obliged (by law) to declare the presence of termites as well as to justify preventive or curative treatments. Keep in mind that these laws only apply to certain areas where breakouts are severe.

Taking precautions

If a home is built with lots of wood, people can take some precautions such as maintaining wood with fungicides and insecticides, removing cellulosic elements stored on the floor of gardens, cellars, and crawl spaces or abolishing areas abnormally humid and confined within the structure. But what are the treatments against termites?


There are two types of treatments for fighting or protecting property against termites. It is advisable to not treat the property by yourself, but instead, call on certified Pasadena Exterminators. The first is a preventive treatment that, as its name suggests, occurs before termites are spotted.

These treatments are particularly effective, as termites generally do not choose to settle in treated areas. Owners can also take other precautions, like removing tree stumps from the area and avoiding storing moist wood near the home. Finally, folks should consider treating their property’s foundation, but this must be done at the time of the home is constructed.

Then there is a curative treatment. If termites are seen in and around the home, there is no need to panic; Your home will not collapse in the night.

Products to consider

It is obvious that individuals must move forward with a fast and effective treatment. There is an injection treatment, which involves injecting an insecticide into the floors, walls, and woodwork of your home. This must be done by a professional.

The second treatment is a “trap” treatment: an insecticide is placed in a highly strategic location and must attract termites in order to be effective. Visit us for more details.

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