Our Top Two High Strength Entry Doors for Your Home

Our Top Two High Strength Entry Doors for Your Home

When it comes to your front door, you should look for strength, security and how it can improve the look of you home. The entry door is the first thing a visitor will see when they enter your home and it gives you the best chance of making a good impression from the start. Below, we have two of the strongest and best looking entry doors for your home.

Fiberglass Doors

A fiberglass door is strong, lightweight and resilient. It uses a similar material that is used on many windows and bathtubs. When you compare it too wood or other types of doors, the maintenance costs for this type of door is very low. Its low maintenance requirements are due in part to its hard surface. It helps the door stand up to weather conditions and won’t require painting as often as a wood door would.

These doors will not warp over time because of heat exposure or moisture. The door in filled with a layer of insulation to help keep the cold air outside from entering your home.  They aren’t the most commonly used doors, but they are a good all-around alternative to the traditional wooden entry door.

Iron Doors

Another door that is worth considering is an iron entry door. These doors are strong and heavy. They are built to hold up for decades. They are made with a heavy duty iron frame and have beautiful iron designs that are made by expert craftsman. These iron designs will overlap some of the glass that is located in the center of the door and helps hold it in place to protect it from any damage.

Many people prefer the look of an iron entry door over the fiberglass door. The sacrifice you are making if you go with the iron door is a higher price tag. Although it will cost more, the longevity of this type of door will make it well worth it.

These types of doors are highly desirable by many. In fact, an iron door can even raise the value of your property. Because they can hold up for so long, the savings of not having to replace the entry door combined with the presence of a valued door such as this one can add a significant amount of value to your home.

Our Recommendation

When it comes to deciding which door to go with, it is hard to go wrong with either choice. Our advice is to consider all of the factors and decide which door will work the best with your home.

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