Restroom Trailers for Sale Options

Portable bathrooms are something that many new event coordinators do not think about until much later. However, portable bathroom trailers and mobile shower trailers are perfect for any type of outdoor event or even an indoor event that does not have adequate restroom facilities.

Montondo Trailer offers a large variety of portable bathroom trailers for different outdoor occasions, including special handicap restrooms and mobile shower trailers for accommodating any type of outdoor sanitation need. If we do not have a stock trailer to fit your needs, then we will customize a trailer to your exact specifications. Our commitment is always – Quality, Integrity, Service.

These commercial use trailers are clean and hygienic. Not only do they help keep the surroundings clean and free of toxic wastes, but they also keep guests healthy and free of germs. Portable bathroom trailers are good for numerous uses: from outdoor weddings, private parties and festivals to local and national events, these mobile toilets provide convenience and comfort for your guests.

There are many kinds of commercial use trailers. If you are hosting an intimate outdoor wedding, a single-stall restroom will be capable of handling the requirements of a limited number of guests. For a large exhibition or event, you may consider a ten-stall washroom which provides easy access to the facilities without creating unnecessary lines. Depending on the nature and location of your event, you can choose from a combination of restroom trailers to meet your specific outdoor sanitation requirement. A smaller party can also benefit from such facilities as the trailers can fit easily in smaller, cramped spaces. They are elegantly designed which allows you to place them discreetly on site.

Each restroom trailer contains standard features such as flushing toilets, fully operational sinks, individual stalls, fresh water, wastewater storage tanks, lighting, and vanities. Comfortable, convenient and affordable, these portable bathroom trailers are the next best alternative to your home’s restroom.

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