The Benefits of Using Metal Products for Roof Replacement in Weatherford, TX

by | May 24, 2017 | Roofing

Texas weather can include steamy summers, rainstorms, and even the occasional hurricane. That is why homeowners are careful to choose the sturdiest possible materials for a Roof Replacement in Weatherford TX. Many opt for durable, good-looking metal roofs. Customers can choose from dozens of styles and colors. Metal is also energy efficient, eco-friendly, and elegant.

Metal Roofing Offers Variety

Today’s metal roofing materials are available in a huge variety of styles and colors, making it easy for homeowners to find products that fit their design styles and personal tastes. In fact, contractors that have included photo galleries on their home pages often invite clients to “Browse our website” and compare before-and-after images. In most cases, suppliers offer products that replicate the look of popular choices like cedar shake, tile, and slate. During Roof Replacement in Weatherford TX, contractors can add metal systems that enhance everything from log cabins to Victorian homes.

Replacement Metal Roofs Last Longer

Metal roofing is also noted for its longevity. A quality metal system easily lasts 40-50 years. In fact, most include at least 40-year guarantees. In contrast, other systems generally need to be replaced in 12-20 years, with most lasting about 17. Normal weather and the sun’s rays cause asphalt to break down. Tile and shingle roofing have problems, too. Wood dries out and curls. Concrete tile can crack during freeze/thaw periods.

Choosing Metal Is a Smart Financial Move

Replacing conventional roofs with metal systems is a savvy financial choice. New roofs instantly increase home values and lower energy usage. Some insurance companies also offer discounts when metal roofing is installed. It is fire and wind resistant. Homeowners are saved the cost of replacing roofs often. Metal requires little maintenance to look beautiful, and owners do not have to worry about repairs. Most people just hose their roofs down to restore their like-new looks.

Metal residential roofs are becoming common in Texas because they stand up to the area’s weather and last for 50 years or even longer. Contractors can provide and install a huge variety of energy-efficient metal roofing systems that increase property values and require very little maintenance. Contact a roofing professional for more information today.

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