The Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing

by | Jul 18, 2018 | Roofing

Choosing what to make your roof out of is one of the most important decisions you can make when building a new home or remodeling your present one. If you make the wrong choice for your particular situation, you could end up costing yourself unnecessary money, or having a roof that doesn’t work properly. One option for roofing that’s become more popular in recent years is to use metal roofing, although it might not be the right choice in all circumstances. Here’s an honest look at the pros and cons of using metal roofing.

Pro: Durability
The biggest thing in metal’s favor is definitely how durable it is. Metal will last a very long time, most likely longer than you’ll be living in one home. Metal will never rot, and it will never be picked apart by critters or torn apart by the wind. Some sorts of metal might corrode, but most good roofing options are resistant to even that. None of the other options hold a candle to metal’s durability, which keeps you protected from the elements better than any other material.

Con: Marring and Denting
As far as withstanding the elements, corrosion, or even fire, metal simply cannot be beat. There is one area that maintenance might be a factor, however. Metal can be dented, or chipped, so you might want to reconsider getting a metal roof if you live in an area that has significant chances of stuff falling from the sky, like an area that gets lots of hail or a golf course.

Pro: Lightweight
Metal is, square for square, lighter than any other roofing option. This has a number of significant positive effects. For one, it’s easy to deal with, easy to install, and, if there is some sort of issue, it’s easy to maintain. That light weight also puts less of a burden on the house itself. Holding up a heavy roof, especially if it is accumulated snow or debris, can put strain on a home’s supports, but metal roofs are extremely lightweight and easy for a house to hold up.

Con: Expensive
As far as roofing materials go, metal is one of the more expensive ones. That’s simply unavoidable, metal roof manufacturers in Ocala area use the best metals they can, and that does mean that metal is more expensive than, for instance, shingles. These roofs are expensive for a reason, so if you can afford the expense, then you should definitely consider it.

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