Top Reasons to Consider Professional Radon Mitigation in the Chicago Region

by | Jul 12, 2021 | Business

Radon is a natural radioactive gas that is found deeply embedded in certain porous stones like granite or limestone. This gas can ooze from these materials and become dispersed into the indoor air supply thereby contaminating it with potentially lethal radiation that can build up over time. Here are the top reasons to consider professional radon mitigation in the Chicago region.

Radon Is Invisible & Odorless Making Detection Difficult

Although radon itself is a part of nature, radon gas is invisible and odorless making the detection of this radioactive gas difficult. Many common building materials contain this substance, and when these materials are inside a home, business, or other indoor location, the trapped gas can build up substantially creating a toxic environment. While some radon exposure is a given, it is the longer-term exposure that poses the most risks to humans of radon mitigation in Chicago.

What Can Be Done to Reduce Radon Gas Exposure to Below EPA Standards

There are two methods to deal with radon mitigation for Chicago area residential homes or commercial businesses. These are termed passive or active methods by specialists of radon mitigation in Chicago.

Passive mitigation methods include sealing up cracks and holes in walls, floor slabs and filling in gaps that surround water or sewer pipes coming into the home. Another method is the installation of a membrane layer to trap gases keeping them out of the interior air supply.

Active methods of containing or dispersing harmful radon include sub-slap depressurization with/without Liquid Boot. Contact Cabeno Environmental Field Services, LLC by accessing online.

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