Do You Need Water Treatment for Your Hershey, PA Well?

Do You Need Water Treatment for Your Hershey, PA Well?

Well water used to be the best water around, and anyone in Hershey, PA who has relied on well water for decades can tell you that there’s no comparison with treated water. Unfortunately, here in Hershey, PA we’ve got enough industry to have effected the ground water in the surrounding areas. That means well water is no longer as lovely and fresh as it used to be. Some of the problems that require water treatment are purely aesthetic and aren’t going to cause health problems. But there is always the chance that your well has been contaminated by something that should be filtered out. The good news is that you can get a great water treatment system installed here in Hershey, PA.

What to Look For

So how will you know if you need a water treatment system here in Hershey, PA? It’s likely that you’ll notice if something is wrong. Does your water smell kind of funny, like sulfur or something else unpleasant? Can you taste a kind of metallic taste when you drink water from the tap? What does your water look like when you hold it up to the light? You can use your senses and common sense to decide whether or not you’d like to call in a water treatment expert.

Taste: Give yourself a minute to truly taste your water. Swirl it around in your mouth before you swallow it and see if you can taste a hardness or metallic flavor. Then after you swallow, notice if you have a sensation or flavor on your tongue that is unfamiliar.

Smell: Usually you’ll notice a strange smell right away, but it’s not uncommon to attribute the smell to something else besides the water. Wash a glass with soap and smell it before you fill it to take a drink, so you know what it smells like when empty. Then fill the glass up and see if it smells different. Do you smell chlorine, a rotten egg smell like sulfur, or a decay smell? A dead snake in the line can make a very special smell.

Look: To see if your water is clear, you can take a clear glass of water and hold it up to sunlight. Does the water look perfectly clear? What about if you compare it to a glass of bottled water? Do you ever have sediment, or little bits of what looks like sand in the bottom of the glass?




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