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by | Mar 22, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Almost everyone encounters a time in their lives when they must relocate to a different home. This could be due to a new job, a growing family, or many other reasons. The best thing to do is to contact the leading residential developer of new homes in Chatham to create a custom home that works with your needs and lifestyle. The company uses only top quality building materials at the very best prices in the area. Homebuyers will be able to work closely with the developer making design decisions and material choices. The result will be the home of your dreams built to your specifications.

In addition to being the premier residential developer of new homes, the company is also a leading commercial developer. The company can do everything for you starting from construction on a bare piece of ground to the ribbon cutting ceremony when the building is finished. Not only that, they may be involved in leasing, sales, property management, and tenant or buyer build outs. Recent projects include apartment buildings, condos and townhouses, medical and professional buildings, department stores, shopping malls and other retail buildings.

Westfield, New Jersey is home to Elegant Homes, a family-owned, third-generation developer that has been in business for more than 50 years. They are known for bringing in projects under budget and on time. There is no undertaking that is too small such as small bathroom renovations, and there is no project too big, such as multimillion dollar complexes, for the company. The exclusive team of architects, contractors, and other skilled experts can handle any new construction and development projects.

The company is also known for using green construction methods and materials. They have years of construction experience building Energy Star luxury homes and energy efficient commercial buildings. According to the experts, Green Building economic benefits include reducing overall ownership costs when evaluated over a five to ten year period. There are significant savings in water and energy bills as well as higher property values. The indoor environment is improved which promotes health, well being, and more productive employees. Environmental benefits include water conservation, storm water management, waste reduction, and emissions reduction.


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