Civil Engineers and Their Specialties – What Do You Need?

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Are you working on a project in the Austin area and seeking the expertise of a civil engineer? It may be a bit more complicated than that. There are different types of civil engineers in Austin and they likely have different specialties. Knowing the main difference between the types of civil engineers in Austin will help you to narrow down the field and help you find the engineer that can best meet the needs of your project. Here is some information on two of the most common types of civil engineers.

Civil Engineers Involved in Urban Planning

One of the more well known specialties of civil engineers is urban planning. Though you may not think that engineering has a place in urban planning at first glance, the truth is, professional urban planners and civil engineers who specialize in this area would be lost without each other. Engineers, in this case, will painstakingly detail every aspect that goes into a project from the width of streets and sidewalks to the height of each building that will be erected.

If you still aren’t sure how an urban planner and civil engineer would work together, consider a bike path. It is fairly obvious that an urban planner would be putting in a bike path as a way for the citizens of the city to have a healthy and safe way to travel. A civil engineer, who may be working on the same project, would work on the width of the path, would consider the terrain on which the path lies, would ensure that the path is even and word ensure that the path is completely safe.

Civil Engineers Involved in Structural Design

Another specialty that civil engineers often work in is structural design. This is likely one of the most complex specialties that a civil engineer can get into. These are the civil engineers that work on projects like bridges, tunnels, dams and canals. If you have been placed on a committee to consider a new bridge in the city Austin, for example, this is the type of civil engineer in Austin you will work with.

These civil engineers have a lot of pressure on them as they need to work on a design that will bring beauty to the city while at the same time, ensuring that it is absolutely 100% safe for the citizens. They will need to take into account weather conditions, air pressure, terrain and more.

As you can see, depending on your project, you may need a civil engineer who specializes in one area over another. These are just two of the common civil engineering specialties. In order to find out which civil engineer will be right for your project, it is important to contact a professional firm.

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