4 Types of Pests to Watch Out for This Summer

4 Types of Pests to Watch Out for This Summer

Whether you are camping in the backyard, or just enjoying a barbeque with friends at the park, there are many types of harmful pests that can find their way onto your skin, clothing, hair, and belongings. Camping and hiking can be particularly risky moves if you don’t have good protection in place from things like wasps, ticks, and the dreaded mosquito. Control your outdoor experience by watching out for these four pests:

Mosquito Control While Outdoors

Mosquitos are a big concern for anyone in the world today, because they can carry deadly diseases. Someone in New Jersey could easily get a virus that has never left another continent before, and that’s a scary though. But mosquito control for the great outdoors isn’t as hard as you may think. Be sure to spray yourself with a mosquito-repelling bug spray, and reapply it every two hours as long as you are outside.

Cover your skin, especially at the feet where you may be walking through standing water. Wear tight-fitting socks and good hiking boots to keep the skin of your ankles and legs safer. Be sure to stay near the fire around dusk, because the smoke repels the insects. Finally, use a mosquito net over your tent and your sleeping bag for double protection at night.

Keep Ticks Away This Summer

Ticks are a common problem for hikers and lovers of the great outdoors. Ticks can also pass along viruses, including things that can change your life forever like Lyme Disease. To avoid getting ticks on you, you should try to stay out of the brush and overgrown areas of vegetation, where ticks are lying in wait. Use an anti-tick bug spray and be sure to reapply it. Wear a hat, as ticks like to fall out of trees onto their victims. If you do find ticks on you, get rid of them right away with tweezers and immediately check the rest of your body.

Spiders and Wasps

The last two types of pests that you may encounter outside that could be dangerous are spiders and wasps. In general, these types of insects won’t bother you unless they feel you are a threat to their home. Try to avoid webs and wasp nests, seal up any food you have, and try to wear long clothing to keep your skin safe.

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