The Top Three Features To Seek Out When Purchasing New Garage Door Openers In Phoenix AZ

by | Jun 1, 2018 | Garage Door

A garage door opener allows the driver of a vehicle to quickly pull their cars inside by raising or lowering a garage door with the press of a button. There are hundreds of brands and models available, and while it is nice to have a variety of options, it often becomes harrowing when it is time to purchase a new unit. Before selecting a model, be sure to research the range of safety features that are available on new Garage Door Openers in Phoenix, AZ, as it will make operating one safe and keep a home secure.

Rotating Code Protocol

While opening a garage door with the press of a button is convenient, it also creates a security threat, as would be intruders utilize technology that allows them to copy the signal sent from a remote and use it to gain access. Openers that utilize a rotating code protocol are nearly impossible to breach, as the code sent from the remote to the primary motor housing is changed everytime the door is operated. This alleviates the concern associated with unauthorized access.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

The internet makes it easier than ever to connect devices to the world wide web, and Garage Door Openers Phoenix, AZ are no exception. Establishing a connection with a wireless signal will allow an individual to control their garage door with their phone. Most apps will also provide the user with status updates regarding the position of the door, and allow them to track the usage history of the opener.

Automatic Contact Reverse

One prominent safety concern for many parents is the threat associated with a door that crushes their child if they are not able to get out of its path as it is closing. Advanced openers are equipped with an automatic reverse feature that will prevent the door from closing if contact is made before the door reaches the end of the track. This helps to keep children and pets safe and free from injury while the door is in use.

The right garage door will give a family a higher level of convenience and ensure a house and those who live in it are safe. Neighborhood Garage Door Service has been providing repair and installation services for more than 20 years. Browse the website to learn more about the services they offer or call today to schedule a no obligation repair or installation appointment.

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