5 Tips for Decorating with Bedroom Mirrors in Mukilteo WA

Mirrors are an important style element that shouldn’t be overlooked when you’re decorating your bedroom. Inexpensive and practical, Bedroom Mirrors Mukilteo WA also infuse a room with the light and depth that can help transform any space. Keep reading to learn some handy tips that will help you maximize the impact of your Bedroom Mirrors Mukilteo WA.

Create a Focal Point

A well-placed focal point is an important design element that will add visual interest to your bedroom. Instead of a piece of expensive artwork, use a large, bold mirror to create an interesting, inexpensive focal point in your bedroom. Size is key with this trick–don’t use anything that’s too small or plain.

Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

If your bedroom is on the small size, consider using Bedroom Mirrors in Mukilteo WA to create an optical illusion that will expand your space. To make this work effectively, place mirrors where they will reflect an expansive scene, like opposite your windows. The reflection will make your room seem more spacious.

Replicate Artwork

Interesting or ornate mirrors can be grouped together to replicate the look of expensive artwork. Look for unique shapes and frames that are similar to one another and group them eclectically, or buy multiples of the same mirror and hang them in a straight line. You can even use two or three large mirrors in place of a headboard above your bed.

Don’t Hang It

Bedroom Mirrors Mukilteo WA don’t always have to be hung on the wall. Designers love to create a unique look with large mirrors by leaning them against the wall instead of breaking out the nail and hammer. You can try this technique on the floor, on a dresser or on shelving.

Pair With Candles

If you love to light candles in the bedroom, use a mirror to maximize the effects. A well-placed mirror will reflect the flickering flames and add interest, light and a cozy, sensual vibe to your bedroom when the lighting is low.

Mirrors can be a fantastic addition to your bedroom decor. Used effectively, they can add the light, space and visual interest that will perk up a boring bedroom for very little cost.



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