A Business Has Different Roofing Needs Than a House

by | Oct 31, 2012 | Roofing

A roof is a roof. It covers the building and essentially does the exact same thing for every building. You may think this and you would be half right. There is a difference between the roofing needs for your house and the needs of commercial roofing in Seattle. Your house will probably have a different style than your business but there is still the same need to keep the roof in excellent condition. It should be a style that is conducive to your business functioning well.

Many times a commercial building has a flat roof. These types of roofs are difficult to maintain as they age. When there is a rain storm or even a snow storm, this type of commercial roofing in Seattle can become damaged. The weight of the snow and the water from the rain can damage the integrity of the roofing materials, especially if the roof is old. The roof will show it’s age with leaks and other problems throughout the seasons. If you opt to fix each part, you will be more than likely be fixing it for years without much reprieve.

There comes a time when you, as a business owner, need to decide if the roof should continue to be patched or if it should be completely replaced. Yes, the replacement cost will be high but it is important to consider the fact that each time the roof it patched, that is money wasted. Patches will not hold up through the seasons and if you have inventory or even other tenants in the building, it will start affecting those things. Commercial roofing in Seattle usually affects more than one person as there are numerous businesses that share a roof and if the property owner continues to patch it only, there will always be problems. If the roof needs to be replaced, the owner may ask that all the tenants contribute a portion. This is a great way to help them mitigate the costs and allow you to have a new roof for your business. While it may seem costly, think about the inventory you will save and your ability to avoid moving due to a constantly leaking roof. It can be worth the initial contribution you are asked to make. If it is your business, consider replacing the roof it the cost to patch it begin to increase.

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