A Jefferson City MO Roofing Contractor Can Increase the Beauty and Efficiency of Your Home

The old adage “Out of sight, out of mind”, is nowhere more appropriate than when it comes to roofs. They are just one of those things that we don’t think about until they fail or become damaged. That is unfortunate, since roofs are such an integral part of our homes and businesses; they provide structural integrity to the entire building, protect us and our belongings from the elements, and offer insulating protection from heat and cold, but unless they begin to detract from the look of our homes or we start to notice rainwater in the master bedroom, they are off our radar.

To find out what shape your roof is in, you can rely on a Jefferson City MO Roofing Contractor who can perform a thorough inspection. If your roof should be found to have just a few minor issues, like broken or missing shingles, or a small patch of exposed sheathing, those kinds of repairs can be easily handled and are relatively inexpensive. If the damage is more serious, from age or weathering for instance, your home may be a candidate for a re-roofing. This is where new roofing is installed over your existing roofing materials, as long as there are only one or two layers of it. It’s a very economical method for restoring your roof’s integrity. Should your roof have suffered some catastrophic damage from a heavy storm and/or falling tree limbs, a tear-off may be called for, where all existing roofing materials are removed and an entirely new roof is put into place. This is by far the most extensive repair procedure you can have done to your roof; it takes a bit of time and it can be expensive, but there are good points, as well.

Completely replacing your current roof can offer you the opportunity to select from new roofing materials that are more energy-efficient and come in a wide variety of colors and textures, so they will complement and even highlight your home’s appearance. This way your home can have increased curb appeal and your heating and cooling costs can drop dramatically.

For almost three decades, S & K Roofing Inc. has been helping area residents and businesses with all of their roofing issues. They can offer you a free estimate and can provide new roof installations, roof replacement, regular maintenance and repairs all at competitive prices. See what services they can offer you at website.

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