A Ventilated Roof is Vital to a Comfortable Sydney House this Summer

With the summer months upon us, Sydney residents are bidding a resounding farewell to the chilly evenings and temperatures of the winter. It is a joyous time, but also a time to make sure that your home will be comfortable in the hot days ahead of us.

Your roof cavity plays a big role in ensuring your roof doesn’t serve as a large heating element, radiating warmth down through your ceiling. Roofs, especially shingle, can absorb heat very efficiently, and turn your ceiling cavity in to a veritable sauna. With nowhere to go, the stagnant air is trapped there throughout the day, prolonging a hot house long after the sun is gone.

Roof ventilation serves your home in all seasons. While expelling the warmest of the air in the summer months, they also serve to expel moisture through the wet winter season, keeping rot and mildew out of your ceiling space. Typically situated at or near the peak of your roofline, roof ventilators come in several different forms.

The old classic whirlybird uses wind power to rotate its mushroom-shaped top, drawing the hottest air out of the roof space and drawing in air from vents underneath the eaves. At Solar Bright, we also offer our vaunted solar powered vents, which draw energy from the sun to operate a small fan. These have the advantage of combining their peak of operation during the sunniest periods, when they are needed most.

With these innovations, you can easily draw your roof space heat and moisture retention down considerably, and rely less upon your air conditioning, this Sydney summer. Make the most of it!

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