AC Repair Tips You Can Do Before Calling The Professional

AC Repair Tips You Can Do Before Calling The Professional

When the county’s in the scorching heat of summer, you don’t want your AC to break down. Unfortunately, your residential or commercial AC may malfunction or refuse to start at the hottest times of the year and you want repairs to start immediately. Air conditioning repair may be so complex that you need to call a professional HVAC repairman. But, before calling the experts in AC repair near Margate City, take some time to do some simple checks on your unit to save some time, money and effort.

When the AC Fails to Run

As with all machines, air conditioning units run on electricity. So, the first thing to check is the electric supply to the air conditioner. Check the plug and the cord whether it is attached to an outlet. Also, try to check by plugging on a different outlet. Sometimes electricity current (amperage) is not enough. If you find problems, approach an electrician or AC repair specialist. Double check that a fuse has not blown or an electric circuit breaker has not tripped. Blown fuses and tripped circuit breaks usually occur during power surges and short circuits, like what may happen during a storm or running so many appliances at once. Tripped circuit breaks need to be reset (turned off, and on); while blown fuses need to be replaced.

When the AC’s Air Flow is not cool enough

Check the thermostat and fan settings. The thermostat switch should be pushed or flipped to ‘COOL’, and the fan should be set to ‘AUTO’ instead of manual. In other words, make sure that the fan isn’t the only thing that’s turned ‘ON’. Some AC systems use thermostat dials, so make sure it is on the lowest setting. If lots of cool air is being spewed out, close open doors and windows. If this is not enough, you may have problems with insulation; or perhaps the AC might be too small for the room. Also, in window-type ACs, position around half of the unit outside the home.

Not cool enough due to filter and airflow problems

If the AC produces too little cool air, then the problem might be in the filter or poor airflow. Check the filters. Replace the filters based on manufacturer’s instructions. The regular types need a new replacement every three-to-six months. More frequent changes are needed for electronic or electrostatic filters. However, HEPA filters are much more efficient in capturing dirt and dust, so they must be replaced monthly. Another reason for poor cooling is decreased air flow around the exterior of ACs or on exterior components. Around three feet should be given for clear space without trees, leaves or obstruction.

Not cool enough due to broken components

If the unit has iced over, turn the unit off or switch the thermostat to ‘OFF’ and manually start the fan to ‘ON’. The ice will melt in at most 6 hours. If you frequently experience icing, your unit may have dirty condenser coils. If you don’t hear the fan starting, the fan blades of the motor may be broken. Sometimes, the capacitor can be worn out, that it doesn’t support the AC anymore. Professional AC repairs near Margate City, can open the unit, check individual components, do maintenance and replace any malfunctioning parts.

Not cool enough due to little refrigerant and leaks

If all components seem to work, but you still don’t have cool air, the problem may lie in refrigerant leaks. Too little refrigerant will result in too little cooling. Only HVAC professionals experts can repair by refilling your unit’s refrigerant. Refrigerant in itself is costly and tinkering on the tubes may accidentally worsen the situation.

People who have the privilege in owning air conditioning units should remember that they have the responsibility to maintain their units in order for it to keep functioning optimally for a long time. If you need AC repair service near Margate City, then contact McAllister…The Service Company. Visit for more information!

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