All About Wood flooring – How to Choose, Who to Call

There are many reasons to choose wood flooring for your home. From the rich traditions that it harkens back to, to the timeless elegance and heir of luxury it brings to even your most humble spaces. Choosing your flooring can be exciting but also confusing, especially if you don’t know much about the varieties of wood flooring available. Here are a few tips for choosing the right flooring – and getting it to look just like it does in the magazines.

Know Your Options

Choosing between wood flooring options means narrowing those options down through several categories. HGTV breaks those categories down in the following way:

  • Wood species – The species of wood you choose will determine everything from color and texture to hardness and durability. Ask your salesperson for more information.
  • Hardness – How durable do you need your floors to be? Those with pets and young children should look for harder woods that can withstand wear, while those without these concerns can enjoy softer options.
    Board size – There are narrow strip-shaped boards, wider planks, petite squares and wide, and many shapes in between available on your local flooring sales floor.
  • Color – Wood is available in near-white blonde shades to pitch-black dark woods.
  • Texture and finish – Do you want your floors to have a brand-new shine or a more rustic look? Both – and everything in between – are available through your local flooring retailer.

Have it Professionally Installed

Doing your own wood flooring is certainly possible, but it can be difficult to get the professional-looking results you want. Since wood floors themselves are an investment, it only makes sense to hire a wood flooring service professional to install it for you.

Kingwood, TX wood flooring service companies can provide you with the beautiful results you want, and which will last for years or even generations to come. Don’t leave something that makes such a lasting mark on your home to chance; have it installed professionally and love it for a lifetime.

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