Ask Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Anderson CA About These Luxury Bathroom Options

by | Aug 27, 2015 | Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Anderson CA will take design dreams and make them a reality. Want a luxury bathroom to lounge and relax in? Ask the contractor to install these bathroom luxury features:


When a bather steps out from the shower or the bathtub, the cold air hits the wet body. It is uncomfortable and ruins the peaceful feeling. Keep the bathroom warm with a fireplace. Not only will it keep the room warm during the bath, but it also creates a peaceful ambiance.

Heated Floors

Just like with the fireplace keeping the room warm, heated floors will keep the floors warm. There will be no fear of stepping on a cold tile floor with warm wet feet. Get dressed in comfort after the shower or bath.

Towel Warmers

Warm room and floor not good enough? How about warm towels? Contractors can install special tower warming racks or ovens. The racks of oven heat up and warm the towels while the bather is relaxing. Once clean and ready to get out of the shower or bath, the towel is ready warm and soft.

Music System and TV

While lounging in the bubble bath, turn on the TV or listen to some music. Contractors can install sound systems with speakers throughout the bathroom. The sound will surround the bather while relaxing.

Non-fogging Mirrors

One of the most annoying things about a hot shower is that the mirrors always fog up. They have to be wiped clear before the bather can shave, dry hair, or do makeup. Ask the contractor to install fancy non-fogging mirrors that will remain clear no matter how must steam is used in the bathroom. Visit their website for further details.

Steam Room or Sauna

Speaking of steam, how about a steam room or sauna? Steam rooms and saunas are used to help people relax and boost health. Having a steam room or sauna right in the bathroom means relaxation without having to leave the house to go to a spa.

To get started on a new luxury bathroom, check out Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Anderson CA, such as G & S Construction.

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