Top 5 Reasons To Buy Metal Front Doors

Top 5 Reasons To Buy Metal Front Doors

As a homeowner you have probably faced the problem of having to choose between a durable, practical option for your home and one that is going to add value, curb appeal and a true sense of your style and taste.

If you believe you have to make this choice in your front doors, you may not have been shopping in the right places. Many people think the only place to find quality front doors is at the local building supply store or a big box hardware store, and this is certainly not the case.

Stock or Custom Designed Doors

One of the best options to find a great front door is to shop a unique and custom design door company. The company will typically have a variety of stock doors, which will still be very different than the typical selection, as well as one-of-a-kind custom doors. The doors we want to focus on today are metal front doors.

To help you to understand why these doors are a top door option, let’s look at five essential benefits or advantages to these options.

  • Indestructible – choosing metal front doors that are hand forged from wrought iron and steel means you are buying doors that are able to pass coastal hurricane tests. They are also completely non-flammable, another essential consideration. This is important in many areas of the country, but also provides additional peace of mind in any location.
  • Elegant – wrought iron has strength yet the graceful and flowing lines, curls, and shapes of the design are beautiful. Very different than traditional doors, these doors will have your front entrance standing out from any other home in your neighborhood.
  • Security – With the wrought iron over the glass in the door and the 12 gauge metal frame, these doors are highly secure. Without looking like a security door, they provide all the protection you need.
  • Light – the use of double textured privacy glass allows for natural light into the entrance but still provides privacy. With the additional light the area appears larger and more open, perfect expanding a smaller entry.
  • Designs and Options – with custom made metal front doors you can create your own pattern and design in the wrought iron. However, even with stock doors you can choose from single, double and arching designs, perfect for any home and entrance.

It is possible to continue with the benefits of metal doors, but we know once you start looking you will discover them for yourself. These are a great investment in your home, and one you will enjoy for a lifetime.

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