Can Exterior Paint Be Used to Paint and Interior Room?

Can Exterior Paint Be Used to Paint and Interior Room?

When preparing to paint, you may be wondering: Can I use exterior paint on my interior walls? Here is the long and short of it:

First: What’s the Difference?

Understanding the difference in the formulas of exterior and interior paint is as simple as knowing what they’re each primarily used for. When painting interior walls, you want to paint that will stand up to scrubbing and stain removal processes, whereas professional exterior painters understand that outdoor paint must withstand the elements and resist water damage like mildew.

For exterior paints to withstand all of this, they must be created with sturdier resins. Resins are the agents in the paint that bind the pigments – the source of the color – to the surface you apply them to. Exterior paints are designed with stronger, more weatherproof and wear-resistant resins than interior paint.

If you’re not sure which kind of paint to use for your project – or what the paint you have on hand is – consult a professional house painter. ESP Painting of Portland, OR is a company offering both residential and commercial painting services, such as interior home painting, graffiti removal and much more. They can help area residents determine which kind of paint to use for their renovation and improvement projects.

The Verdict: Can You Use Exterior Paint on Your Interior?

The simple answer is yes, you can. There is nothing that says that exterior paint can’t be used on interior walls. This may be a good choice for high-moisture rooms that transition your space from outdoors to indoors, such as mudrooms, landing spaces, foyers, and sunrooms.

However, most professional exterior painters are quick to advise that many interior walls need the specialization that interior paint offers. Children’s room, living areas and common spaces like kitchens and dining rooms typically require wall washing and stain removal more often than other areas and will be best served by painting them in interior paints.

Still not sure what to use? Contact ESP Painting of Portland, OR. Get a free painting estimate and get everything you need to make the right choices for painting your spaces – inside and out!

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