Choosing the Right Glass or Mirror

by | Nov 1, 2017 | Doors and Windows

Making sure you get the right type of glass for doors and mirrors is important. There are different components to seek when purchasing glass and mirrors. Knowing the location of the glass and/or mirror is necessary when choosing the type of mirror or glass. Like with most things, different areas and different styles require different measures of safety and aesthetics.

Location of Glass

Have you ever been in a shower and realized how foggy or dirty looking the glass door is? That hew of dirt or fog can go away with the purchase of the right type of glass shower door. When you find the right type of custom mirrors in Chicago or the right type of doors it makes a noticeable difference. There are certain types of glass to get in certain areas based on safety factors. Tempered glass proves safer in areas such as shower doors and other areas that need a stronger type of glass. If you are putting the glass in a less or even non-traffic area of your house, then an annealed type of glass, which is easily breakable, can be used. Knowing the right type of glass that should be used requires a professional’s opinion.

Location of Mirror

Mirrors are not just for checking reflections. Depending on the type of mirror and location of the mirror, they can provide added light as well as ambiance. Custom mirrors are designed to enhance rooms. If you are looking to make a smaller room appear larger, adding a mirror can add an illusion of more space. Even though a mirror adds that illusion, having a design specialist help with the type of mirror and location is helpful. Finding a place that can custom make a mirror for your needs is essential. Often times, you need a professional mirror company because mirror shapes and clarity requires an area of expertise.

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