Common Plumbing Parts That You Can Replace in Flagstaff

If you live in Flagstaff, you probably have experienced home plumbing breakdowns. Sinks, toilets, bathtubs, showers, and other amenities that use the plumbing system have their share of quirks and need parts and repair. Following are examples of home plumbing parts that commonly break down. You can find these parts at the best store for hardware and plumbing Flagstaff AZ offers — HomCo.

Toilet Parts

Is your toilet running? Is it not flushing properly? Over time, plastic and rubber parts in the tank decay and cause your toilet to work inefficiently. For a nominal price, available toilet repair kits come with all the internal tank parts you need to fix and restore your toilet. You can also buy these parts separately if you know which part(s) is causing the problem.

Faucet Parts

If your faucet leaks, it is likely that one of the O-rings is deteriorating and needs replacement. Other parts that get replaced include faucet spouts and handles, cartridges, stems, aerators, and others. These parts are easily switched out by a homeowner.

Sink and Drain Parts

Sink strainers, hole covers, drain assemblies, garbage disposals, and drain pipes are just a sample of sink system parts that wear and need replacement. These parts are also widely available for homeowners to complete a repair.

HomCo Lumber and Hardware is a best choice for hardware and plumbing Flagstaff AZ offers. We also carry a full line of tools, building materials, pain supplies, and so much more. Visit us today for your plumbing and other needs.

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