Common Residential Window Tinting Issues

by | Nov 3, 2020 | Tinting

If you are considering window tinting services, it is important to find a professional who is experienced and capable of providing you with the best service. This is particularly true for residential window tinting, as common residential window tinting issues require a skilled professional’s proper technique. As opposed to automotive window tinting, residential can become a bit more challenging to an unexperienced eye.

Challenges with Size and Location

Residential window tinting or flat glass window tinting has its own set of challenges. Two of the most obvious issues are the sheer size of the windows as well as their location in the home. With a vehicle, all glass is within easy reach, but, in a home, the windows may only be accessible by ladders or scaffolding, which makes planning and pre-installation prep a significant part of the process.

Different Methods with Tinting Flat Glass

A common misconception with residential window tinting in Jacksonville, FL is that it is merely a variation on automotive glass tinting. While there are some similarities between the two, the different techniques, methods, and even the tools used vary between the two processes.

Options in Films

The choice in the type of auto window tinting films is restricted by specific auto tinting laws. Residential or commercial flat glass in buildings or structures offers a wider choice in films for safety and security or for decorative types of looks. There are even exterior types of films that are highly effective for flat glass based on the specifics of the application.

To ensure you have the knowledge and training you need to get the job done right, contact Advanced Window Tinting today.

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