Common Signs That You need Asphalt Shingle Repair in Jefferson, WI

Common Signs That You need Asphalt Shingle Repair in Jefferson, WI

Your roof takes quite a beating, being exposed to the elements day after day. To ensure your home’s structural integrity stays intact, it’s important to know how to identify common shingle problems. Here are signs that it’s time to call for asphalt shingle repair in Jefferson, WI.

Ceiling Stains

The first sign of roof damage, particularly shingle damage, is moisture stains on the ceiling. When shingles fail, water can seep through the roof’s underlayment and get into the attic. The water will eventually cause water stains on your ceiling.

Curling Shingles

Roofers also call this problem cupping because when the shingles curl upward they resemble a cup. The most common reason shingles curl is from wear and tear and exposure. As roofs age, they’re more likely to have curled shingles. If only a few shingles are curled, your roofer might be able to repair them. However, if the roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, your roofer will likely recommend replacing the entire roof, especially if there are multiple curled shingles.

Missing Shingles

When shingles are missing, it’s quite obvious that shingle repair is necessary. You don’t want to put off this repair because the shingles are your roof’s first line of defense against wind, rain, snow, and ice. Schedule shingle repair quickly to prevent additional damage to the roof.

Has your roof seen better days? Do you have missing, broken, or cracked shingles? Is water seeping into your home? Get shingle repair in Jefferson, WI, by contacting Kevin Sterwald Roofing.

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