Common Uses for Epoxy Flooring NY Products

Epoxy flooring is one of the newer trends in the industry. That’s because there are many features about epoxy floors that make them beneficial and attractive to homeowners, business owners and government facilities. Here are some of the more common uses of epoxy flooring NY products that you may have never heard about.


Epoxy floors are very common in garages for several reasons. For one thing, they are very durable. A quality epoxy coating will stand up to your cars driving and parking on it without incurring damage. In addition to this, epoxy floors in a garage are chemical resistant so if your car leaks oil or antifreeze, it won’t damage the coating on your floor.

Manufacturing Plants and Factories

One of the qualities about epoxy flooring NY products is that it provides a slip resistant surface. If you run a factory or manufacturing business and employees are spending a lot of time on their feet and walking around, a floor that provides some traction offers an added level of safety. The durability of epoxy floors also makes them an ideal choice for factories because you never have to consider shutting down production in order to replace the floor. With minor maintenance, your epoxy coated floor can last a lifetime.

Showrooms and Retail Facilities

An epoxy floor doesn’t have to be boring or plain. In fact, you can create designs and patterns or choose from a variety of patterns when you have your epoxy flooring installed. That’s one of the things that makes this type of floor ideal for showrooms and retail facilities. You can choose a design that catches the attention of your customers and gives your business an attractive appearance. And since these types of floors are very simple to clean, you can keep them clean without any problem or much time invested at all.

Residential Properties

If you’re looking for a durable floor that is also stylish, you can choose epoxy flooring for your home. Many homeowners are turning to epoxy floors because they are durable and easy to clean. But they also enjoy the different designs that complement their interior décor. You aren’t limited to a single color or design – you can get a custom floor that fits in with each individual room in your home.


A warehouse is a great place for epoxy flooring. It’s easy to design a color coded floor throughout a warehouse to show where the safe areas are, where the walkways are and where the forklifts are allowed to drive. This helps maintain a safe workplace with floors that help everybody remember the areas that are off limits.

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