Custom Roof Flashings In Lawrence KS Will Protect Your Home

When a roof is improperly installed, it can cause serious damage to a home and could cost thousands of dollars to fix. A homeowner should contact a reputable roofing company when they need to have a roof installed or repaired. Custom roof flashings in Lawrence KS is necessary to protect water damage to the roof from rain, snow, and water backup due to debris or an ice dam.

Where Is Flashing Installed?

Some parts of a roof and exterior walls are prone to leaks and require additional protection. Roof valleys and the intersection of a dormer wall and roof surface require flashing. The surface around a skylight or chimney also requires custom roof flashings in Lawrence KS for runoff and when two opposing roof surfaces meet.

What Is Flashing Made Of?

The majority of roof flashing is made of a rust-resistant metal like galvanized steel, aluminum or copper. In certain situations, flashing is made from roofing felt, rubber, or plastic. Homeowners try to use aluminum when they are attempting to install it alone. Improper installation can easily cause the water to travel to other parts of the roof and cause a leak in a home in another location.

Customized Flashing

Installation of flashing requires the metal to be bent into the proper shape for each area that requires additional protection. Chimney flashing has to be installed in several parts around the base of a chimney. The cap flashing is caulked or mortared into the chimney. The top edges are installed over top of the others to prevent the water from running behind them.

A continuous flashing will protect a joint between a vertical wall and sloped roof. Drip edges are installed along the edge of the roof to prevent water from seeping under the roofing material and into the eave. The eave is the overhang of the roof on a home.

A home is a large investment, and careful consideration should be given when hiring a roofing company. The longer the company has been in business means they have provided outstanding customer service and installation for their customers. Please visit us to learn more about all of the services an experienced roofing company can provide.

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