Different Types of Hard Wood Flooring in NYC

by | Dec 3, 2018 | Flooring

The floor of your home plays an important part in enhancing its value and beauty. Although very many different types of materials can be used for home or office flooring, hardwood flooring is elegant and brings out the feeling of affluence. Anyone who wants to use this flooring material needs to understand several things about hardwood floors including the different types that are available in stores all over NYC so that he/she can make an informed purchase.

Hard wood flooring in NYC can be solid, engineered or acrylic impregnated. Solid flooring is ideal for large houses that have basements. It is usually laid over plywood to provide a sturdy finish for the home. With proper care, this 0.75 inch floor can last for a very long time. Many homeowners choose it because of the ability to refinish it using different colors without losing its radiance and elegance. If you want a floor that you will not want to change for over 20 years, then hardwood flooring is the best solution for you.

Unlike solid hardwood flooring, engineered wood is cheap but still offers the elegance and style associated with the solid variant. Engineered wooden floors usually have wooden slats covered with a veneer surface. It is the thickness of this surface that determines how often you may refinish the floor. When buying this kind of wood, you need to understand that the thickness of the wood determines how long it will serve you before you have to replace it. The last type of hard wood flooring in NYC is acrylic impregnated. This variant is similar to engineered wood apart from the fact that the wood in this case is injected with an acrylic solution for increased strength and durability. People usually use this type of hardwood floor in living rooms, entrances and other high traffic areas in the house.

Once you understand the different types of hardwood floorings at your disposal, considering factors such as the room where you want to use the floor, décor and traffic will help you choose one that best suits your needs. When it comes to buying the flooring materials, stores like New York Wood Flooring are equipped with all the different types of hardwood floors and accessories. Therefore, you can be assured of finding quality hardwood flooring materials there.

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