Duct Cleaning After a Natural Disaster

by | Apr 18, 2013 | Air Conditioning

The weather has an unfortunate tendency to disrupt the established order in a multitude of ways. Natural disasters are known for their ability to turn entire living spaces upside down, and the damage is often truly daunting to repair. There are numerous things that have to happen in order to restore a home to its natural state following the destruction caused by an unusually powerful storm, some of which tend to include various forms of interior renovation and HVAC repair services such as duct cleaning. Palm Harbor, FL and other parts of the United States are far from safe from the harmful effects of the weather, so it is important for all homeowners to familiarize themselves with the ways by which these disasters can tamper with the quality of their indoor air quality.

The biggest issue in situations like these is usually debris. Even under normal conditions, debris can easily become lodged within the ducts of a person’s home, diminishing the quality of the air bit by bit until some serious cleaning is done. Imagine that very same problem magnified in severity due to the sheer power and influence commonly associated with incredibly strong storms and floods. Large amounts of excess water, dirt and other unwanted materials can work their way into the ducts in a short amount of time in these circumstances, and deep cleaning is often the only proper way to completely and totally eliminate the problem. Keep in mind that if ducts are not cleaned regularly, the matter lodged within them can lead to poor health among the people living in the house. Factor in water’s ability to facilitate and nurture the growth of harmful molds and it should be easy to see why action must be taken as soon as possible.

Your cleaning options may vary a bit depending on the company you choose. Typically, there will be numerous sanitization choices for you to select from. As stated above, water trapped in your ducts can cause molds to grow, and these fungi have the ability to release spores into the air—spores that are often extremely detrimental to human health. A Palm Harbor HVAC specialist may be able to eliminate all traces of the organism from your house’s ductwork, allowing them to thoroughly clean out any harmful materials that might be present in the system.

Because this is one of the most basic services performed by heating and cooling contractors, it tends to be relatively inexpensive. Simply examine a few companies in your area and compare their rates to see what works for you.

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