Energy Efficient Water Heater Installation in Greeley CO

by | Oct 15, 2015 | Heating and Air Conditioning

If a home is not equipped with an energy-saving water heater, the homeowner could spend hundreds more each year in utility bills. In the average home, water heating makes up a significant percentage of monthly energy expenses; it’s second only to cooling and heating. Most people rely on their water heaters more than they realize. Hot water is good for laundry and dishwashing, as well as bathing. However, as energy costs continue to rise, it makes sense to ensure that the home’s water heater is efficient.

Storage Heaters

There are certain factors to be considered when ensuring that a water heater is efficient. Storage heaters can be bought in sizes from 20-80 gallons or even more. They do just as implied by their name; they store heated water until it’s needed. Fueled by oil, gas or electricity, they consume energy even when they’re not in use, making them the least efficient option.

Demand Heaters

On-demand heaters are also referred to as tankless units, and they are some of the most efficient units on the market. Fueled by electricity or natural gas, there is no storage unit and water is only heated as it is needed. These units provide a never-ending supply of hot water, and they can help a homeowner use up to 15% less energy when compared to a conventional water heater. When selecting a plumber, ensure that the one chosen has experience in on-demand Water Heater Installation Greeley CO.

Gas Heaters

A gas water heater is usually very energy efficient, and it heats water much faster than an electric heater. Some units can use heating oil or propane; though these fuels are cheaper than electricity, there are storage and delivery costs to consider.

Electric Heaters

An electric water heater is not as efficient as other models, but they’ve improved over the years. When choosing such a water heater, the homeowner should select an Energy Star-certified unit and have a licensed plumber do the water heater installation in Greeley, CO.

As mentioned above, a home’s water heater is one of its biggest energy consumers. By choosing an energy efficient unit from Advanced Comfort, a homeowner can have the hot water they need and the monthly utility bill savings they want.

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