Enjoy Improved Thermal Comfort with Underfloor Ventilation

by | Oct 16, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Is your home losing heat? Have your energy bills increased over the last few months? If so, there is a high chance that your home is not ventilated in the proper way. With underfloor ventilation you can enhance comfort and prevent heat from escaping through the floors in your property. Also known as underfloor air distribution (UAB), it works well as part of an HVAC system, because it conditions the space. Designed to keep the home damp and moisture-free, it can be installed with carpet, wood, tile and vinyl, among many other types of floor coverings.

How Does it Work?

All types of flooring in the home will be designed with a certain amount of space beneath the floors that are slightly raised. This space is used to diffuse air with underfloor ventilation. Underfloor ventilation systems allow you to control your living environment, because the air flow pattern between the ceiling and floor is naturally resilient, meaning that the cooling load can be controlled. When in operation, your air conditioning unit will work more efficiently, thus allowing you to save money on your energy bills. What’s more, reduced energy usage means that you will be leading a more eco-conscious lifestyle and doing your bit to save the planet.

What are the Benefits?

There are numerous reasons why homeowners throughout Australia are turning to underfloor ventilation for their home thermal comfort needs. When fitted in new buildings, the floor-to-floor height can be less. Additionally, ventilation of this kind offers better flexibility for building services and enhances the air quality. If it is installed in an office building, you can satisfy the occupants and expect productivity to boost, thanks to the individual control options.

The Installation Process

A number of factors will affect how long the installation process takes, such as the fan installation system requirements, number of vents that must be fitted, size of the property, etc. However, in most cases the job can be completed in less than three hours by a team of 2-3 technicians. When the job is done you can expect to notice the effects almost immediately. The extent of the initial problem will also affect how long it takes to notice an improvement. Bear in mind that you do not require council permission in normal properties, but may need permission if you live in a heritage property. You could save money on your energy bills if you get underfloor ventilation fitted by the professionals at Business Name. Call 0431 55 04 06 to get a free quote for services.

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