Everything You Need to Know About Live Edge Furniture in Connecticut

If you are in the process redecorating your home, you may be on the look out for something unique, long lasting and eye catching. Every homeowner wants an attractive space to come home to, but selecting a specific style can feel overwhelming. Live edge furniture is a growing trend, and for plenty of good reasons. Learn more about this style below to see if it is a good option for your taste preferences.

From Nature

Live edge coffee table Connecticut and other tables such as dining tables are a beautiful way of expressing a natural wood style. Live edge refers to the process of maintaining a tree’s natural edge and finish instead of cutting it to a specific shape such as an oval, rectangle or square. This aesthetic design is ideal for contemporary and eccentric styles.

One of a Kind

Due to the process of creating a live edge coffee table Connecticut, each piece is truly one of a kind. Live edge furnishings are typically handcrafted, sanded and carefully assembled to maintain the beauty of each piece. They may be painted or finished with a stain or gloss to protect the natural wood from deteriorating and make it more resistant to damages such as stains and cracks.

The live edge style is a great way to incorporate a natural wood look into your home design. Naturalist is proud to offer hand crafted furnishings such as live edge tables for your home. Visit their website at today to discover their wide range of products.

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