Get a custom Green home in Pittsburgh

Get a custom Green home in Pittsburgh

Buying an apartment or a readily made bungalow is an easier option, but you won’t get the luxury to choose the location, design, and area of the home. Getting a custom home in Pittsburgh is very easy thanks to the numerous custom home builders in Pittsburgh. Now you can easily live your dream of a landscaped home with the amazing view you had always expected from your balcony. You can also choose the location of your home amidst nature.

Why opt for a custom home in Pittsburgh?

There are several best home building contractors in Pittsburgh that allow you to choose the location of your dream. The first step in building your custom home is to choose the perfect land that you love. After choosing the land you can choose a custom design or our green home builders in Pittsburgh will give you design options as per your specifications. You will have a say in the number of floors, rooms, room size and all the details of the home. It will be as such that you are designing or building your own imagination to reality.

Benefits of building a custom home —

  • You can choose your own location
  • You can choose your preferred design and layout for the room
  • You can customise the home according to your budget and needs.

Steps in building your custom home —

1) Identify a location –

Some people may inherit a piece of land on which they would like to build their home. While some others may want to get a dream home in their dream location. Custom home builders in Pittsburgh will help you choose the best plot for your home if you do not have one.

2) Ensuring the quality of land —

If you have a land of your own, it is important to know whether the land is permitted by the government for residential building or not. If you are not having your own land then the green home builders in Pittsburgh will be at your service to get complete information about the land permission, quality, and other details before you make a decision to buy it.

3) Knowledge about the fine print —

Our expert team also gives you complete information about the zoning laws, easements, resale value, additional excavation work and real market value of the land before you make the decision to buy the land.

4) Choose the design before building —

Our green custom home contractors in Pittsburgh will give you a 3d visualization of designs based on the inputs you give. After you finalize all the minute details of the home then we proceed with the building phase.

5) Define the building plan and estimates —

After the design is finalized then our expert team would prepare a plan and define the time and cost estimates for the home. Each detail that is material consumption, which materials will be used, quality of materials used etc are defined prior to building the home.

Why Choose The Office of Horace Trumbauer For your Dream Home?

Our team of expert home builders will give you best assistance in bringing your dream custom home to reality. Contact us today to get the best service pertaining to custom homes builders in Pittsburgh and that too at affordable rates.

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