Here Are Three Quick Tips to Help You Care for Your Hardwood Floors

Here Are Three Quick Tips to Help You Care for Your Hardwood Floors

It is no secret that a hardwood floor adds a touch of warmth and coziness to your home. Hardwood floors are classic and sophisticated and can fit a variety of home designs, including rustic, country, elegant and modern homes. One thing you want to do before hiring a company to install your hardwood flooring in the Herndon area is to check out the following tips for maintaining your beautiful new floors.

Clean Your Flooring Regularly

The constant traffic through your home causes dust and dirt to accumulate on your hardwood floor. You can remove the debris by cleaning your hardwood floor once or twice a week. Start by sweeping your floor with a soft-bristled broom, and then mop the floor using a mixture of water and mild soap with a soft sponge mop.

Clean Spills Immediately

If you spill any liquid on your hardwood floor, you want to be sure to clean it before it stains. It is best to wipe the spill with a wood floor cleaner and microfiber cloth. Use a soft, dry cloth to dry the moisture before it causes water damage to your beautiful floors. Spend a few minutes to research how to solve problems such as dark spots and pet stains to ensure you are using the proper solutions.

Seal The Floor Annually

You want to give your hardwood floor an annual sealing. It keeps your floor attractive and strong all year round. There are many stores that carry products for sealing your floor. Start by applying a good amount of the sealer to an isolated area of your floors to ensure it is going to work, and remember to carefully follow the instructions on the sealer to ensure you are applying it to your floors properly.

When you take the time to maintain your hardwood floors, you can keep them beautiful and durable for years to come. If you are looking for a company to install your hardwood flooring in Herndon, contact the experts at .

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