Home Owners And Owners Of commercial Buildings Can Choose Epoxy Floor Solutions

Home Owners And Owners Of commercial Buildings Can Choose Epoxy Floor Solutions

Many home and commercial floors could benefit from the use of an Epoxy Floor. This and other poured floor solutions can be attractive and very durable. Poured floors are seamless and non-porous so they are impervious to moisture, bacteria, and soil. These floors are easy to clean and maintain. Poured floors can be used in locations such as commercial buildings, warehouses, garages, residential settings, and restaurant food preparation areas. Floor companies such as Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation have the training and experience needed to properly install poured seamless flooring in the Tri State, New York, and Long Island area.

Poured flooring as with other flooring types is only as good as its installation. When installed by properly trained professionals, poured flooring can be a superior choice for high traffic commercial areas. Locations such as medical facilities, restaurant food-prep areas, laboratories, and other commercial locations where the flooring must be sanitary and anti-microbial will benefit from seamless, easy to sanitize poured flooring. Well equipped commercial flooring specialists can install seamless flooring in different thicknesses and designs. The finished floor will be very durable and attractive. Commercial floor installers will clean and repair the base floor to provide a level smooth surface for the poured floor. Then, a base coat is applied to the floor. Next, customized design elements such as chips of various colors and sizes are applied. Finally, finish coats are applied to make the poured floor very durable and cleanable. There are many choices of design additives to customize poured floors. These chips can be added in simple all-over designs or more intricate designs such as company logos and borders.

Poured seamless flooring can be made of urethane, acrylic, or Epoxy Floor chemistries. These floors can also be formulated for self-leveling, slip-free, and flexible systems. The floor covering company representative will be familiar with the benefits of each material available in poured flooring and can advise customers as to which flooring material will best suit their installation. A department store may require a different poured floor than a warehouse with heavy equipment. A medical facility or laboratory will have special needs that poured floors can meet. For additional information on poured floors, please visit the website. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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