How Sheetrock Repair Can Improve the Look and Function of Your Home

How Sheetrock Repair Can Improve the Look and Function of Your Home

Drywall, also called sheetrock, is a common building material used to form the structure of interior walls. It replaced plaster and lathe in homes built since the 1950s. While sheetrock is affordable and easy to install, it is prone to damage from impacts and other events. Consider these three types of damage that can be fixed by sheetrock repair services in the Peachtree City area.

Popped Nails
Popped nails are a common problem in drywall. The nails may pop out of their proper position as a result of settling and normal expansion and contraction of wood and metal. A popped nail leaves behind a hole and ragged edge. This type of damage should be repaired in order to improve both the aesthetics and the structural integrity of the wall.

Holes are another common problem in drywall. The holes may have been made on purpose. For example, an interior pipe leak might require the plumber to cut a hole through the drywall in order to replace a cracked section of the pipe or a damaged fitting between two sections of pipe. This hole will need to be repaired for both functional and aesthetic reasons.

Dents and Dings
Another type of damage that can be repaired by professionals for sheetrock repair services in Peachtree City is a dent or ding. A dent or ding could easily happen through everyday wear and tear. For example, a family’s dog might go running through the house with its leash still attached to the collar. The leash could whip around the corner, dinging the drywall. A toddler could throw the television remote in during a tantrum, denting the sheetrock. These are common accidents that leave small but noticeable amounts of damage. These can be fixed before the sheetrock is primed and freshly painted. Sheetrock repair services such as these will leave your home looking as good as new.

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