How to choose a roofing contractor

by | Feb 22, 2019 | Roofing

The roof on your house is equivalent to the hat on your head, it keeps you warm and dry, except when it has a hole in it. A roof can leak and it also can be repaired, a shingle can lift during a high wind or a section of the roof can be damaged if a tree limb falls on it. When something like this happens you need to arrange for a roofing contractor in Des Moines to come in and make the repairs. When looking for a company to repair or replace your roof there are some common points that you should be aware of, use this short checklist to help you find the right roofing contractor.


Roofing is something that can be done by a couple of guys, a pick-up truck and a few ladders. This is not what you want; you want a roofing contractor in Des Moines that knows exactly what he is doing. Check the contractor’s credentials; find out how long they have been in business and as if they belong to a recognized organization such as NRCA, national Roofing Contractors Association.


Take time to confirm what their pamphlet or web site says. Confirm that they use top-of-the-line materials, ask for references and call them, ask about the entire roofing repair process, if there were any problems, were they sorted out quickly and efficiently?


Working at height is dangerous at the best of times; it can be doubly dangerous when you are on a slope roof with tiny grains of material rolling around underfoot. Make sure that the contractor hires professional roofers, who know the dangers and work safe. Just in the event of a problem, do not hire anyone who is not well protected with liability insurance and workers compensation. Ask to see copies of the policies if in doubt.


The moment the roofing contractor picks up the phone, you begin to get a feel for the service you will get. If they are friendly and answer all your questions in detail and complete honesty, you are on the right track. It’s the little things that make the process go smoothly, such as an offer to come to your house and prepare a no-obligation estimate for the work.


Price is usually the big factor, but perhaps it shouldn’t be. The best job will be one done where there is a balance among the important issues. If you get an offer that is half that of other bidders, there is something wrong. They are using sub-standard material or unskilled labor or some other way to cut corners. If you find a contractor that can work through his bid and tell you how he arrived at the bottom line, he is worth consideration

If you like what you hear, the only thing left is the availability of the roofing contractor in Des Moines; the best are usually also the busiest.

Right Roofing & Siding is a roofing contractor in Des Moines that is dedicated to the satisfaction of their customers. If you have a damaged roof or if your roof needs replacing, give them a call.

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